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About us

    e have been in the Russian antique business over than 10 years and are offering all of our customers that welcome home feeling. We buy at the right price and pass the savings on to you! Our experience let us appraisal our Icons according to they real value and age. We are not selling fakes, reproductions or contemporary Icons.
    UY WITH CONFIDENCE. All our Icons have free Certificates of Authenticity (upon request) and directly as described.
    e are the PowerSellers on E-Bay, please check our feedback profile.
    e are proud of our reputation. Special thanks to all our customers - we are here because of you.
    e do our best to serve you. We seek out exceptional quality items and offer them to our customers at prices only possible through us on the internet.
    e knew that by using the internet to sell our collectibles we could give our customers in-depth information about the items being offered. We choose to feature only the best items, so that our customers can expect to receive exceptional collectibles and works of art from us every time.
    opyright Reserved 2000: We do not allow the coping of our text or photographic images, these may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form, electronically or otherwise without permission in writing from MOTKA.COM. Likewise, plagiarism by other dealers will be considered a serious violation of professional ethics.

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