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Russian Icon of the Saint Nicholas Miracleworker with scenes of his life. Circa 1820s. Hand painted with egg tempera. Gesso on wood panel. Size: 11 by 14". Very good condition. Authenticity guaranteed. Certificate of the Authenticity available upon request. The quite exceptional veneration of St.Nicholas is well known. In the liturgic weekly cycle of the Orthodox Church, among the days of the week dedicated to the Savior and to different orders of heavenly and earthly sanetity, only three persons are singled out by name: the Mother of God, John the Forerunner and St.Nicholas. the reason for this special veneration of this bishop, who left neither theological works nor other writings, is evidently that the Church sees in him a personification of a shepherd, of its defender and intercessor. “Having fulfilled the Gospel of Christ… thou hast appeared in truth as a most hallowed shepherd to the world". According to his life, when St.Nicholas was raised to the dignity of bishop he said: “…This dignity and this office demand different usage, in order that one should live no longer for oneself but for others.” This “life for others” is his characteristic feature and is manifested by the great variety of forms of his solicitude for men – his care for their preservation, their protection from the elements, from human injustice, from heresies and so forth. This solicitude was accompanied by numerous miracles both during his life and after his death. Indefatigable intercessor, steadfast, uncompromising fighter for Orthodoxy, “he was meek and gentle in his disposition and humble in spirit”.

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