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Space Exploration
Item # 36479
RARE RUSSIAN SPACE DESK STATUE - memorial to Soviet space science founder Tsiolkovsky. Height 9". Made of ceramic in 1960-70s. Perfect condition. Copy of the memorial in Kaluga. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, 1857–1935, Russian inventor and rocket expert. He lost his hearing in childhood, and, as he could not attend the usual schools, he educated himself. His most important work was concerned with the possibility of rocket flight into outer space. Tsiolkovsky’s The Investigation of Outer Space by Means of Reaction Apparatus was presented in 1903. In this work, he discusses in mathematical terms the problems involved in overcoming the earth’s gravitational pull by means of rockets. He also suggests the use of reaction vehicles for interplanetary flight. In 1929, Tsiolkovsky presented a design for a multistage rocket, which he called a rocket train. He also proposed the construction of artificial earth satellites, including manned space platforms to be used as way stations in interplanetary travel.

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